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Strategy & Organizational Development

Many not-for-profit (NFP) professional leaders have heard board members, investors/donors, and other professionals recommend that they run their organizations more like a business. But what does that mean? Where the business world is ultimately concerned with profit-generation, our sector is focused on program delivery, service provision and engagement. Regardless of the ultimate reason for being “in business,” both sectors make decisions based on their mandates, both have legal responsibilities, and both are concerned with relevancy.

Change can be exciting, stressful, and even scary for many. Opting not to change can be equally as daunting. Research shows that even if the end is obvious, it is the process that dictates the success of the strategy.

Enterprises that strategize successfully consider who, what, where, when and how come – throughout the entire process, and often circling back to ensure that the right points were absorbed. And most enterprises do not do it alone.

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Experiential Education

It is commonplace for educational or professional development programs – based in a myriad of venues including but not limited to academic institutions, summer camps, movements, for-profit companies, and community organizations – to seek to effect change in actions, attitudes and/or beliefs. As facilitators of these programs, educators target our client-base, our staff complement, our volunteer leaders and our community. Given that many of us have spent countless hours listening to frontal presentations (think formal academia or conference keynotes), it is about time that we hear what is being shared. Often the golden nuggets being imparted are missed because the learner is not incorporating it into experience.

We learn what we manage to internalize. We inspire learning when we can demonstrate why/how it is relevant to the learner. We successfully educate when our learners are part of the experience.

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Inspirational Learning

Sometimes it’s all in the message, but that includes how said message is transmitted. When your group needs to bring people together towards a common goal, setting the stage is imperative. Team meeting, workshop and/or retreat facilitation, should not be an afterthought.

Ideal learning stems from intentionality and authenticity. Having the right scholar-in-residence, keynote speaker and inspirational facilitator, helps separate the great from the good.

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Relying on a wealth of practical experience accumulated as a senior professional in the not-for-profit sector for the last 20 years, as well as on current theoretical constructs, Jeff Bicher will help your organization’s stakeholders and learners appreciate your full potential and help you identify implementation strategies that will get results.

JAB Strategies can offer your enterprise:

Support through management level coaching & consulting

Strategic planning solutions

Consultation in governance, board development & education

Facilitation with targeted advocacy campaigns and development plans

Experiential education curriculum/course development
Investment solutions and strategies for philanthropists (individuals, family foundations, giving circles, etc.)

Orientation to intentionality & mission-driven decision-making

Dealing with the BLAB phenomenon (Be Like A Business)

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